A Day in The Life of a Contest Band

Finally, the day has come; contest day.

Once a year, the senior band travels to compete in the regional brass bands area contest. This year the venue is The Cube in Corby and the band are competing in the Midlands 1st Section. The piece is ‘A Day in The Life of a Knight’ by Phil Lawrence which is described as “a most descriptive piece of writing – a story through music.”

The band have been working on the piece since before Christmas, and following on from their busy festive season, focussed purely on it since the new year.

Lacking a permanent Musical Director, the bands committee approached their EEb bass player (and skilled percussionist) Jack Fisher who accepted the challenge to lead the band to the contest.

Jack has been assisting with the conducting team for a couple of years and was the obvious choice for a last minute solution. He has worked tirelessly to extract the best from the players and mould the music into Bilton’s interpretation of the piece.

We wish him and the band the best of luck at todays contest

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