Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band is committed to the safeguarding of all our members, this is why we are onboard with the Brass Bands England (BBE) BandSafe programme.

BBE’s BandSafe is an industry leading selection of tools, training and resources to help manage the band in a way that safeguards all the members from harm, as well as protecting the group from possible reputational damage. A safer group will create a healthy atmosphere for all and will have the added benefit of increased membership, developing younger players and forging stronger community links.

The programme is made up of several elements, tailored to the challenges faced in a band environment and is developed in partnership with NSPCC. A must for all designated safeguarding & welfare officers.

For more information, view the BBE BandSafe website:

The following representatives of Bilton Silver are trained and certified under this scheme:

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